How to start a courier & messenger service

Starting your own courier & messenger service might seem an easy deal to begin with. But once you get into the nitty-gritties of the same, you know that you have a mountain to climb. There are several factors that determine success of a courier & messenger business’s success. Let’s discuss them in brief here.

The first and foremost requirement to succeed in the courier & messenger business is to have a really good local knowledge. If you don’t have and your delivery people spend most time searching for addresses and people, you will lose precious hours of productivity. Having a local geographical knowledge is therefore of utmost importance. You can still do without a good knowledge of places outside your city, but having that just adds to your competence.

The second criteria is that you need to work on a high success (of delivery and goods’ safety) ratio. If goods that were supposed to be delivered by you are lost, or damaged in transit, or are delivered to an incorrect address, you will not just lose clients, but you will also spoil your company’s reputation. Maintaining a good reputation is very important given that the courier & messenger industry is highly competitive with thousands of small and large players competing with each other.

Another key determinant of your success will be the kind of technology backend that you employ. Courier & messenger businesses these days use technology to improve delivery times, customer service and efficiency, so ideally you need to be comfortable with using technology yourself.