How to tip your Movers

When you have decided to hire Movers In Naples to help out with your next move, it is important to understand and know many things about the movers before hiring. While you may understand the steps for hiring one of the movers in Naples to assist you with your move, there might be some confusion on the matter of tipping the crew that comes to assist you on moving day. There are several things that you can keep in mind about tipping the crew including offering refreshments for the crew instead of tips, tip the workers based on the job they do, finding out whether tips are required for movers, and learning who to call in order to make complaints or praise the workers who assisted you.

Offer Refreshments

One thing that you can choose to do instead of offering tips to the workers who come to assist you on moving day is offer them refreshments while they are working. These refreshments can come in many forms including food and drink and are meant to be a little treat for the great work that they are performing. If it is a warm summer day, it might be a nice idea to set water or lemonade out in an easily accessible location so workers can stay hydrated while working.

Tip Based on Work

If you choose to provide the Movers In Naples with monetary tips, it is important to base the tip based on the amount of work that is being performed. If there are only two or three workers present to help with the packing, loading, transporting, and unloading of all your personal possessions, you will want to tip them a much larger sum than if a large crew shows up to assist you. You are able to use your best judgment to determine how much the workers should be tipped based on the quality and quantity of work performed.

Required Tips

You can always keep in mind that it is not required to tip the movers in Naples that show up to move your personal belongings. They are paid based on the job as a whole and do not depend on your tips to assist their paychecks. You can choose to tip the workers based on how well they performed, but do not feel guilty if you choose not to tip a worker due to poor customer service or careless moving procedures.

Call for Complaints

If you have a major complaint with the group of movers that assisted you on your moving day, it is important to call the supervisor and alert them to the problem. They will never be able to fix the problem if they are not aware of the problem in the first place.


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