Running a fleet of limousines and shuttles

People move constantly from point A to point B. However, during special occasions, one would want to move around in style, and this is where a limousine service comes in. A limo service caters to clientele who need a chauffeured car chartered for any duration from several hours to several days. Shuttles are public transport service and are used mainly for airport and railway bus services.

You can launch your business with just one type of limousine and shuttle though you should also give customers other options, like formal, full-sized sedans, SUVs, and the like.

Take a lease from an auto dealer so you need not take loans from the bank and thus, you will be able to upgrade to a newer car every few years.

Be sure to hire good drivers with professional licenses and who are familiar with the city and the state. It’s also best if you train your drivers on the etiquette and protocols involved in driving limousines and shuttles.

Running a limousine service would require you to be in close contact with establishments such as hotels, companies, offices of embassies and diplomats etc. Wedding coordinators and funeral directors would often need limo services, too.

Then, of course, there are the usual business permits and licenses that might be required. You would also need insurance to cover for any damages or losses. Running a limousine and shuttle service can be a profitable business if you know how to market it well, and if you have capable drivers who can provide a safe and memorable trip to your clients.

Limousines and shuttles

Limousines and shuttles