Road Safety Management Systems

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Transportation, Transportation and Logistics

Departments of Transportation across the country will love the Road Safety Management System. It gathers all the information on car accidents from the various sources and creates a database of where the accidents occurred. This provides invaluable details for city planners and law enforcement to know where the most accidents are occurring and provides details to prevent the accidents from occurring in the first place.

An Accident Recording Engine will take the accident locations from various sources and plug them into a single system available to all parties interested in this information. It can also be added to manually if necessary through an accident reporting form.

There is also a plotting system available. It plots on a grid the locations of accidents so that users can look for patterns in accident locations. Grid analysis will help Departments of Transportation know where to look for solutions to frequent accident locations.

Reports can be made based on weather, speed, road conditions, severity, injuries and a whole lot more. These reports also help determine whether a new stop light is needed in a specific place to potentially decrease the number of accidents. A report on the speed each car was going will help tell law enforcement where to put up speed traps to slow people down to prevent further accidents in that location. It is also able to create specialized reports written by the end user.

The administration module allows for administration of the system. It provides system backup and coordinates all the different maps to get the most information out of the system. This is also where access to the system is given to the people who will be using it. The access is given in layers so that the administrator doesn’t have to give full access to everyone using it. Access can be given just to the maps or to put in new information to the maps.

Using a system which offers maps as to where the accidents in your area are occurring is both smart and useful. The maps allow both Departments of Transportation as well as local police departments to curb the number of accidents in their areas of transportation.

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