How to manage your fleet of taxis

If you own an automotive rental company, efficient fleet management system can help to keep track of your taxi, enhancing overall productivity and minimizing costs. Fleet management systems also help you keep track of vehicle maintenance requirements. The fleet managers must run regular reports based on significant milestones and keep maintenance logs by tracking and recording car details. They can also schedule periodical servicing, change new tires and attend to repairs on time.

Good fleet management helps extend vehicle life and also help maintain vehicles in a top condition. An automotive fleet management system is an excellent option for extracting maximum productivity from the asset.

GPS based systems ensure maximum safety of your taxis and limousines and also bring in place an effective dispatching system. Taxis companies can now function to their utmost potential and passengers benefit from the e-map to identify and locate destinations.

Another great advantage of the automotive fleet management system is that dispatcher can now pinpoint and identify the exact customer location and assign the nearest taxi thereby enhancing efficiency and saving time and money. Taxis can move around with pin point accuracy with minimum chances of mistakes in direction with the help of advanced GPS navigator that provides e-maps of high accuracy.

GPS based automotive fleet management systems also enhance safety for both passengers and drivers. If there is an untoward emergency or problem, passenger or driver can use the GPS navigator to contact the dispatcher for help.

Efficient fleet management of taxis will go a long way to keep your taxis in top shape and with minimum headaches. This will also keep your customers happy!