The Benefits of Liner Shipping

by | May 19, 2014 | Transportation and Logistics

For most business owners who rely heavily on shipping, finding the best and most cost effective method of transporting their product is a daunting task. Many small business owners have found that liner shipping is the best method to use for transporting their goods around the world. Compared to other forms of transport for goods, liner shipping is relatively inexpensive and far more effective when shipping a large number of goods at one time. One of the essential parts of getting a good deal on liner shipping is finding good Cargo Shipping Companies in the NY area. The following are a few of the many benefits of using liner shipping to transport your goods around the world.

Very Effective
One of the biggest benefits of using liner shipping is that it is in most respects the most efficient form of distribution available for your product. The ships used in liner transport vary, but in most cases they can hold nearly 8,000 containers. It would take other forms of transport, such as truck or plane, a long time to transport that many containers. Instead of having to split your shipments up due to space restraints, you can get your entire order of product out in one liner shipment.

Connecting the World
Another benefit of using liner shipping is that a liner ship can travel nearly anywhere in the world, which is great for a company trying to expand its customer base. Nearly one third of all trade in the world is facilitated by liner ship, which means that it is a tried and true method of importing and exporting goods. If you are tired of being limited by your method of shipping, then liners may be just what you are looking for.

Better for the Environment
With all of the talk of global warming and reducing of carbon footprints, many businesses are on the hunt for ways to make them more environmentally friendly. One of the best ways to get greener with your shipping method is to switch from your existing method to liner shipping. Shipping across the water is one of the most carbon efficient ways to transport goods. Other shipping methods, such as train or diesel truck, produce many harmful gases that hurt the environment. Instead of polluting the environment even more with your shipping methods, you can let a liner handle all of your import and export needs.

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