The Truth About Moving

by | May 14, 2013 | Moving Services

Moving is never an easy event. Whether you are moving from one apartment to another, or a large home to another even larger home, the act of moving is all about surviving a number of curveballs that come your way. As much as you plan for a move, it never seems to go as smoothly as you hope, especially if you lend yourself to the idea that you have it “all figured out” weeks before the move. For as much as you plan, the unexpected tends to occur. Here are three things that you need to consider before you move, especially if you believe that there is nothing but smooth sailing ahead:

1. You Have More To Pack Than You Think You Do

If you look around and think that you can pack up what you have in a matter of a week, give yourself a month to properly do it. As much as you think that you can “pound it out” the last week, you have more to pack than you think, meaning that it is going to take a lot longer than you might think.

2. Not All Of Your Friends And Family Will Show Up

If you have ten friends and family members who promise they will show up to help you move, you cannot count on all of them to show up. There are some people who will have things “come up”, while others will simply wake up in the morning and decide that they don’t feel like helping. You cannot count on everyone to show up, meaning that if you don’t have the manpower that you know you can count on, you need to call a professional Mover Minneapolis to help you with your move.

3. You Aren’t As Strong As You Once Were

If you haven’t moved for a decade and you think that you can still carry everything down the stairs like you used to, you may be in for a rude awakening on moving day. If you have any type of back or leg problems, call out a professional to take care of the big stuff you need to move.

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