4 Ways to Get a Mover for Your Relocation

If you’re relocating, getting professional assistance is a must. Find a moving company you can trust. Here are four ways to hire the right mover in Thousand Oaks CA.

Get personal recommendations

The last thing you want is to be the victim of scams or shoddy moving practices. Getting recommendations and word-of-mouth suggestions can save you from rogue movers. Friends and family are an excellent source of information. You may even get a few names of firms you’ll want to avoid. That’s a huge help.

Request for a quote

How much will it cost you? Moving firms will usually send someone over to your home to take a look at everything you’ll ask them to transport for the move. The estimator will make up an inventory list and decide on the rate. You’ll want to have an inventory list of your own that you can cross-reference with their list, just in case they missed an item or two.

Ask if they’re available

If you’ve found a reputable mover in Thousand Oaks CA, lock in the deal by checking if they’re available on your dates. Just keep in mind, though, that spring and summer are peak seasons, Money Under 30 says. Slots will likely fill out faster. Be sure to book their services ahead or you could find yourself hiring a firm with a less-than-stellar reputation.

Watch out for extras

Some moving firms charge you extra if you book during the weekends. They also increase their rates for certain moving conditions. For instance, are there stairs? Will they need to ride an elevator or find some other ways to get the furniture out and into their trucks? Is there quite a bit of distance between the curb nearest to the street or where the truck is parked? That’s going to add to the total of your bill.

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