Items that Require Specialized Packing Services in San Antonio

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Moving Services

The packing and moving of certain objects are frequently monumental tasks. Each of these items can present a challenge in developing the right type of crating of the item being shipped. Fortunately, a packing service can help with this task. These are some of the most challenging items to move from one point to another.

Motorcycles are designed to travel the road only when their engines are running. Motorcycles that are not in motion are actually fragile pieces of machinery. When shipping this item, maintaining the stability of the machine is a big challenge. Since motorcycles only have two wheels, they need extra support in their packing crates. The Packing Services in San Antonio can customize a crate based on the size of the motorcycle. Additional supports are added on the inside to help brace the motorcycle against the turns that happen during the shipping process.

Mirrors are one of the most fragile items to move without a custom packing crate. The glass in the mirror is especially fragile if it comes into contact with a hard object during the moving process. Depending on the size and shape of the mirror, the crate needs to encompass the entire piece. Protecting the glass may require special accommodations in the crate system. Extra packing material may be added for additional protection of the mirror.

Antique furniture pieces are very expensive and irreplaceable items to ship. Extra care must be taken in creating the shipping package for these items. The legs and arms of the furniture are especially vulnerable. Some furniture items contain antique glass or other fragile pieces. The Packing Services in San Antonio will have to customize the crates to protect the most fragile parts of the furniture. This is because the antique furniture will not fit into the standard crate and may become damaged without extra support systems.

Each of these items has its own individual challenges when transported. Their safe arrival depends on making sure their crates are up to the move. This can require the use of custom crates. Contact Crate Master Fort Worth if you have a difficult or challenging item to ship.

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