Lock and Key Personal Storage in NYC Makes Big Changes to Normal Storing

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Personal Storage

Storage units in New York City are incredibly popular because of the notoriously small living spaces in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and other districts. People hardly have enough room for some nice furniture, let alone extra closet storage items. Closet space is a major perk- not a standard feature.

Storage in the city is usually a small enclosed unit that is accessible with a key and lock. Individuals can store any number of items until the space is filled. But, there may be another option on the table.

What is a lock and key box?

In storage, most people see it as a locked unit. The unit can be accessed with a lock and key. A personal lock storage box is a little different. It is smaller than a typical storage in NYC unit. It is a personal bin that is kept separate from all the other items of the sentinel unit. Why would someone keep items in a separate smaller unit? The first main reason is that the box is substantially more accessible. It is usually located right at the front of the unit. They can also be used separately. They would then be stored in a separate wing of the storage unit entirely. The smaller lock and key box can store items that made need to be accessed on a monthly basis.

What can be added?

It could include social security paperwork, family photos, and valuable heirlooms. Many people keep these items in their apartment unit in New York City. But, that places them at an unnecessary risk. Units can burn down. Even people who are safe and responsible can still fall victim to a burned down apartment and the negligence of a neighbor or a guy on the third floor.

Clients can get the items in their home moved and properly allocated to either a new property or storage. Space is hard to come by in the Big Apple. Not everything should be sold or given away during a move. Some items can be stored away, and some really special items can be protected in a special lock and key box.

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