Preparing a Vehicle for Auto Transport Services in Arizona

When a person needs to have their car transported, it is advised they educate themselves on what must be done prior to the vehicle being shipped. Although there are a couple of steps that must be taken prior to the vehicle being picked up, the process of preparing the vehicle for pick up is a lot less overwhelming than many people originally anticipate. With a large number of local auto shipping companies available, individuals can choose the company they feel will deliver the highest quality of services.

Once a person has decided on which Auto Transport Services Arizona to utilize, they can then begin preparing their vehicle for pick up. Although all companies will have different guidelines, some of the most common guidelines will include:

  • No fluid leaks from vehicle
  • Battery is secured to mounting bracket
  • Minimum of 1/8th of a tank of gas at the time of pick up
  • Vehicle must be clean in order to perform the inspection
  • One set of vehicle keys must be available and provided
  • Vehicle is has required amounts of oil, coolant and other fluids

In addition to the list above, many companies also require customers to have specific objects removed from the car as well. A detailed list will be provided to the customer, so they are able to comply with these requirements. At the time of pick up, the Auto Transport Services representative will do a full inspection on the vehicle. During this inspection, he or she will walk the perimeter of the vehicle and note any pre-existing damage.

After the inspection is completed, the car owner will then be required to sign this inspection report confirming and agreeing to the report. This report helps protect both the company and the customer once the vehicle is delivered to its location. Having a vehicle transported can seem like a stressful task; however, with the help of a reliable transportation company, the shipment will be easy and free of any errors. Thankfully, there are severalĀ reputable auto transport services in Arizona available to give affordable quotes and fast shipping to all their customers.


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