The Demand for Ford Rental Cars in New York, NY Among Locals Who Don’t Own Vehicles

New York City is known for a large percentage of its residents not owning vehicles when compared with residents of other major U.S. cities. The public transit system makes it relatively easy to get around the city, while the congested metropolitan streets do not. Many men and women would have to rent a parking space for a vehicle, and doing so is not worth it to them. Whenever residents want or need to drive somewhere, they can use one of the Ford Rental Cars in New York NY available from a vehicle rental service.

The Region’s Rail System

With the region’s rail system so effective and reaching beyond the boroughs, owning a car is unimportant to people who spend most of their time in the greater metropolitan area. The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority even travels to some cities in Connecticut. A different train system can be used to travel between the city and parts of New Jersey.

Renting a Car

Residents of these communities might arrange to have Ford Rental Cars in New York NY if they want to go out of town for a weekend or take a road trip. Those who choose to go away more often may find owning a car and renting parking space more cost-effective. For instance, men and women who own a cabin in the Catskills probably want to go there on many weekends.

Relevant Statistics

About 45 percent of New York City households own a car or pickup truck, according to data from the U.S. Census. However, ownership varies widely from borough to borough. Just 22 percent of Manhattan households own a vehicle, but 83 percent of households in Staten Island do. Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn have ownership percentages more toward the middle.

In recent years, vehicle ownership in this metropolitan area has been on the rise. The city’s population has been increasing, and some residents are dissatisfied with the lower availability of metro rail service during off-peak hours. Millennials who move here for career opportunities may not want to give up vehicle ownership. Nevertheless, the demand by local residents for cars from a business such as C.C. Rental remains strong. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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