Tips for Shipping Your Art Internationally

It can feel risky to put that expensive piece of artwork into someone else’s hands, especially if you need to ship internationally. Fear not, as there are many experts out there that can ship your art for you. If you are still unsure, here a few tips for you so you can help with the process and guarantee safe travels.

  • Inventory. Create an inventory list so that both the shipper and the receiver know what they should be getting. Even if you only have one item, it will be helpful to tell the receiver exactly what they should be getting and when. This will also help you keep track of your items. You will know where something is lost instead of trying to track it down later.

  • Packing materials. You can ask your shipper what they choose to ship with. You may even have options of what you can pack your artwork in. There will most likely be a few options for your artwork depending on its size and shape. If you are shipping internationally, a wooden box is probably one of the safest vessels.

  • Damage. Create a condition report. Send these reports to your shipper and the receiver. Then you will know if any damage happens to your artwork while it is being shipped. Make sure that you know exactly the condition it was received in also, as the damaged could have happened after shipping.

  • Third-parties. Ask if there will be any third-parties handling your artwork. Some companies use third-parties especially when shipping internationally. If anything is lost or stolen, you will know all the places that your artwork has been to be able to track it down. If you can, make sure that these third-party handlers have the same standards and procedures as your shipper.

  • Avoid local. This means to avoid just any moving company that is willing to ship your art. You should always employ a professional for these types of jobs, especially if you are shipping internationally. These movers may not be experienced enough in shipping artwork, this makes it more likely for damage or loss to occur.

Let’s Get Down to It

Shipping internationally does not have to be a horror story to tell your friends later. If you take the right procedures, and use a reliable company, you will be pleased with your international shipping experience. If you need professional international art shipping in Los Angeles, give Art Pack a call today!

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