Understanding the Importance of Storage Units

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Storage and Logistics

Storage units have undergone significant changes in recent times. There have been notable changes in technology and size. Facilities with features like automated entrances, CCTV surveillance and light doors have all contributed to the protection of customer valuables.

Travelers, students and people dwelling in apartments have continued to enjoy services offered by storage units in Chicago. This has seen the owners generating more profits as the demand for these facilities goes up. Entrepreneurs are also seeking for investment opportunities that exist in storage units. Here now are some salient features of these facilities:

* The main function of storage units has been that of storing away unwanted items. On average, a storage unit is used by homeowners to keep unwanted pieces of furniture and other items that are not used regularly. Parents use them to keep away beddings and clothes for their sons or daughter who may be attending college. As these youngsters are not at home most of the time, it is deemed fit to store their possessions away.

* Storage units in Chicago vary in size. On average, a single unit measures between 25-75 sq. feet. The size depends on the company owning the facility. There should be sufficient space to allow trucks, SUVs or cars to gain access to locker areas. The fees levied plus rent paid by clients enable these facilities to remain operational. An ideal storage facility should have sufficient space for parking of rental vehicles.

* Storage units are designed in a way that unauthorized persons are shielded from the rental lockers. There is an automated gate that restricts access to only those clients with a PIN number assigned. Upon gaining access to the main building a client may drive up to where his or her locker is located. Another access code is required in order to get into the area where the lockers are.

* Proprietors of these facilities allow clients to make their monthly payments in cash or credit cards. Others use a quarterly rate of levying the fee. Customers can also pay through a checking account for ease of payment. With strong security measures such as having guards round the clock, CCTV cameras and other safeguards, clients feel confident that their possessions are secure. A well guarded facility attracts more customers and stays ahead of the competition.

* The benefits an owner of storage units in Chicago can derive are numerous. Profit generation is the main one. Few employees are required to man the facility thus keeping operating expenses low. Of course there are other expenses like maintenance and property which an owner can offset from revenue generated. The facilities can be used to introduce services like truck rental, moving services and so on. Such ambitious tactics keeps clients streaming in. For more information visit Aaron Bros. Moving System Inc.

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