What Do You Need Before Applying for Trucking Jobs in Washington, PA?

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Transportation

A truck driving job can be a great way to get your foot in the door of the trucking industry. However, before you can apply for a trucking job, you need a few things. This blog post will go over what you need to apply for trucking jobs in Washington PA.

A Valid Commercial Driving License

What you need before applying for trucking jobs is a valid CDL. You can get your CDL by taking a test at the DMV. The test will cover backing up, turning, and parking.

At Least Two Years of Experience

It is necessary to have at least two years of experience driving before applying for a job. This experience can be gained by working for a trucking company or driving a personal vehicle.

A DOT Physical Exam

The third thing you’ll need is a DOT physical exam. This exam will ensure that you’re healthy enough to drive a tractor-trailer. after the exam, you can comfortably apply for any trucking job.

A Clean Driving Record

Before applying for trucking jobs, you’ll need a clean driving record. This means that you have no accidents or moving violations on your record. You’re ready to start applying for trucking jobs if you have a clean driving record.

Get Your Application Today

The best place to find trucking jobs in Washington, PA, is with US Trucking Service. They offer a wide variety of trucking jobs and always look for qualified drivers. If you have a valid CDL, two years of experience, and a clean driving record, apply today. Contact them or visit to get your application today.

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