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by | Apr 27, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

Impress your guests with a business aircraft charter for traveling short distances or long. With a business aircraft charter, you can show your guests that you do business in style which will impress clients and help you sign fellow partners. Everyone loves to be wooed, which is why the charter plane business has taken off the way that it has. Even in a down economy, the top companies are making room for luxe extras that will entice new clients and keep the good life flowing for years to come. The business aircraft charter you choose can be worked out for a single use or a package deal that allows you to access the plane a certain number of times per year.

* Look for a company with licensed pilots.
* Look for a company that offers flexibility within the flying schedule.

Safety comes first when you are flying on a chartered aircraft. It is important to go through the company’s policy for hiring licensed pilots and ensure that the pilots have impeccable background checks. This will allow you to fly feeling safe and offer peace of mind each time you do business with the company. No company or pilot should have issues showing the correct licenses and paperwork in order to legally conduct business. You can feel safe with high quality companies that offer business aircraft charter to the top names in the world, whether they are celebrities or Fortune 500 companies.

Many companies offer flexible flying schedules, which allows you to create a yearly outlook for all of your travel concerns. You can then determine how often you’ll need to charter the plane and thus come up with the package that best fits your needs. Often, if you plan on using a business aircraft charter multiple times per year, it is best to buy a package deal versus individual flights. This is the best for companies that have a track record of using chartered planes for various purposes and you know all of the plane credits will be used before the year is up. Some companies operate on a calendar year, while others give you the option of using the plane within dates selected.

You can feel confident about impressing guests when you’re flying high in your own plane. Give those who work with you an experience they’ll remember by putting them on a chartered flight for visiting properties or conducting business.

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