Keeping Items Protected While In The Hands Of A Self Storage Service

When a family needs to move from one home to another rather quickly, the need to rent a unit from a Self Storage Service is often necessary. Keeping personal belongings safe while in an off-site location is a concern many people have. Here are some tips to help keep belongings from falling victim to theft while being stored.

Pick The Right Storage Area

It is important to rent a storage unit from a facility with security measures in place. Make sure the facility selected has adequate lighting, secure locking mechanisms on doors to units, and processes in place regarding entry to the property. Picking a facility with a key coded entry system and surveillance cameras is helpful. Some storage unit facilities also have workers on the grounds available to walk around and check units.

Place Items In Obscured Locations

When putting items into a storage unit, it is best to hide more valuable pieces from view if possible. Tuck away smaller items among paperback books or clothing to make finding them less likely. Use locking cabinets and drawers to keep precious items protected. Utilize the back portion of the storage unit for items of value as a thief is apt to grab from the front part and get out fast.

Keep Your Actions Diverse

A thief will often watch a storage unit for several days to see if there is any activity making it difficult for them to pull off their robbery attempt. Visiting a unit at sporadic times will help to keep a potential theft from occurring. Using different people to visit the unit is also beneficial. Switch the vehicles that come to the facility every so often as well. This will make a thief think twice about trying to gain entry, as they will be unaware as to which person or vehicle, will come to the unit.

When there is a desire to find a Self Storage Service, consider using one with security features in place. Contact Olympia Moving & Storage today to find out more about the services they provide to their customers or to discuss pricing options. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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