Proper Etiquette for Tipping Movers

If you’ve already chosen from the many moving companies near Los Angeles and the date of your move is coming up, you may be wondering what the protocol is for tipping the individuals who haul your belongings from one location to another. You can always ask the moving company you choose if tipping is required or suggested, as it might vary. However, in most cases, great service calls for a nice tip. We’ll look at this topic in this article.

When to Tip

You should never feel compelled to tip if you haven’t received good service from your movers. If the movers do their job well, that’s the time to tip them. Of course, if a mover goes out of their way to accommodate you in some way, that’s a great time to show appreciation with a larger than normal tip. Make sure you remember that the tipping goes the men or women who are doing the physical act of moving, not the company that they are employed with. If you didn’t particularly find yourself happy with the service of the company, don’t take that out on the movers.

How Much to Tip

A tip is going to vary based on the length of time the move took and how difficult it was. In most cases, the general rule is to tip about 5% or 10% of the total cost divided between all of the movers. So, if you moved form a two-bedroom house across states and the cost was $2000, you’d split the 100% or $200 between whatever number of movers are present. When more than one mover is present, you can give the tip to the head mover and explain that it should be split between the team members.

When Not to Tip

When considering whether to tip, remember that movers should be on time, be organized, and treat your belongings with respect. They should also be answering any questions you have and following requests you make. In a best-case scenario, no accidents will happen and everything will go off without a hitch. However, accidents happen and it’s how that is dealt with that should determine whether to tip or not.

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