What is white glove service?

White glove service in Los Angeles is being advertised by many different companies – but what does it really mean? When many people picture ‘white gloves’ they envision someone wearing a white glove rubbing their fingers over a mantelpiece inspecting it for dust. This gives the impression of meticulous care and pristine conditions. So it makes sense that companies such as cleaning, moving and art storage promote their white glove services.

What kind of service can you expect?

Generally, you can count on these professionals handling your valuable items as if they owned them. That is, they will be as careful as possible, using great vigilance when transporting, packing and cleaning your items. Whether you have an antique glass mirror, or a priceless piece of art, it will be treated with extreme care and diligence.

Whether you need artwork moved, stored or packed, or you want a superior cleaning service to come in and make your home sparkle, any company that promotes this type of service is one that takes their duties seriously. Do they really wear white gloves? Yes, they do! It’s not just a metaphor; these professionals actually wear white gloves to give you the confidence that they will do the highest quality work.

The gloves themselves don’t tell the whole story, though. If you’re wanting a company to store or move your artwork, or antiques, you want your items to be in the same condition when you pick it up or it arrives at its destination.

There are strict processes to be followed when it comes to packing up your valuable items, whether they get stored, or whether they get loaded onto a truck to shipped across the ocean. You can be assured that when you hire a company that promises white glove service in Los Angeles, you are getting the best service that money can buy. Visit Art Pack.

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