Tips for Lowering Your LTL Transportation Costs

If your business deals with large orders you may be able to send everything out in full trailer loads. This is the best kind of logistics to have. However, not all companies enjoy this kind of advantage and many businesses today must deal with the demands of small business and specific customer orders which call for LTL transportation. Saving money on these costs is vital to the success of your business. Here are some tips to keep these costs down.

It’s Not All about Rate Negotiations

Naturally, if you can negotiate lower shipping rates, you will save. However, this is easier said than done as there is only so much room for negotiations. LTL transportation is not like standard shipping and there are many variables to consider. In fact, other strategies may be even more important.

Size Matters

In the shipping industry, size and weight are two of the most important issues to consider and this is especially important for less than truckload shipping.

Look for Hidden Charges

Before you agree on LTL transportation, take everything into perspective. Inquire about surcharges and fees which are in addition to shipping rates.

Know Your Loads

Do you know the approximate weight of the load you are shipping? If not, you may able to stage small loads on scales first and record the actual weight. This can help you avoid underestimating your shipping fees.

Look Closely at Discount Rates

Discounted rates for LTL transportation seems like an excellent idea. In fact, you can save money this way. However, make sure you know the total costs before accepting discounted rates, because other fees may be added. Your discounted services may cost you much more than you thought.

Proper Packaging

Find out if you can get lower costs by shrink wrapping or palletizing your loads. This can sometimes make a substantial difference in the costs.

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