What To Do With Fragile Items When You Ship to UK

by | Sep 11, 2012 | Transportation

These days it seems like people tend to be more spread out than ever before. It was bad enough when everyone seemed to be living in a different county, or different state, but now that you’re faced with the challenge of having to ship things to people living overseas in the United Kingdom, things can get even trickier. If you have something delicate you want to ship to UK, you’ll need to take some precautions.

You will want to invest in shipping insurance when you decide to ship to UK something fragile. The shipping insurance ensures that if something happens to the item, you will be reimbursed. When you purchase this insurance, you will want to read the contract carefully, don’t skip over the fine print. You need to make sure that you have met all of the companies requirements and that if something does happen to the package, there’s no way that you can be blamed.

Just because you’ve purchased shipping insurance it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care while packing up any delicate items your shipping. Make sure that you have wrapped the delicate item in a massive amount of bubble wrap, which will protect it from getting jostled and banged around during the shipping process. Tape the edges of the bubble wrap so that it doesn’t come undone during the shipping process.

When it comes to the box, you don’t want to be cheap. Pack anything you’re shipping in a good quality box. When you ship to UK fragile items, the companies try to be really careful, but having the item packaged in a good quality box that won’t bend or buckle keeps things just a bit safer. To further protect the item, you need to make sure it fills the entire box, that there’s not empty spaces that will allow it to slide around. If you can’t find a box that’s a perfect fit, some crumbled up newspaper or a bit more bubble wrap will help keep thing steady and still.

Even if you’re shipping multiple items to the same address, you should avoid the temptation to save money by packing them all up together in the same box. If you’re going to be shipping a fragile item, you will want to pack it up and ship to UK all by itself. Having other items in the box increases the chances of the fragile item getting damaged.

Track the progress of your package. Depending on the company you decided to use, you should be able to do this online or with the help of text messages. The more diligent you are about keeping an eye on your package as it makes its way across the ocean, the easier it will be to locate if to show up at its final destination.

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