What Type of Objects Should Be Packed in Wooden Boxes in Dallas?

When most people begin to plan for a move, they immediately consider packing supplies. Most of the time, ordinary cardboard, bubble wrap, and moving blankets will get the job done for residential moves. Sometimes, though, it’s better to pack items in custom-built wooden boxes in Dallas.

Not sure if crating is necessary? Read on to find out about a few types of items that should always be handled with care and packed in custom crates.

Valuable Artwork

Both statues and two-dimensional works of art can be crated for safer transport. It’s usually best to have custom crates fabricated to match the dimensions of the art, especially if it is exceptionally valuable or carries immense sentimental appeal. It’s also a good idea to hire a crating company that offers professional packing services to ensure the artwork is provided sufficient protection by the crate.

Expensive Antiques

Unlike most modern furniture, antique furnishings are often irreplaceable. There’s no excuse for risking their safety during transport when it’s far less expensive to purchase custom-built wooden boxes in Dallas that will protect them. Make sure to have antique mirrors and chandeliers crated as well.

Sensitive Electronic Equipment

While inexpensive electronics can usually be packed in cardboard boxes with sufficient protection, particularly sensitive or expensive electronic equipment should always be crated. Not only will having it packed professionally to ensure that expensive TVs, stereos, and specialty electronics do not become damaged during handling, but it will also prevent moisture damage.

Wine Collections

Moving wine collections can be an incredibly stressful experience. If the bottles are not packed correctly, they can break or wind up being shaken up unnecessarily, leaving collectors in a bad spot. Packing wine bottles in wood crates is the most effective means of avoiding damage during transport, especially if the crates are packed by a professional.

Get Help Now

Need to find a packing and crating specialist who can help safely transport fragile or bulky items during a move? Crate Master in Dallas can help. They work with residential, commercial, and even industrial clients to facilitate both short and long-distance moves and have all the supplies and experience required to ensure safe handling.

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