Have Your Vehicle Safely Moved With Towing in Lumberton

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Transportation

Beaumont, Texas is a busy little burg nestled in the Gulf of Mexico. Interestingly enough, Beaumont doesn’t sit directly along the water. Instead, there is an inlet from the Gulf of Mexico that is shared between the states of Texas and Louisiana. This inlet is attached to a river as well as Sabine Lake which is also shared by both states. This type of layout can lead to some increasingly complex roadways which aren’t always the best locations to leave your vehicle when it breaks down or has an accident.

Auto-mobiles fail for all sorts of reasons, many of which are mechanical in nature. As engines burn their fuel, they accumulate excess heat. Motor oil and engine coolants are used to keep this heat to a particular temperature because different engines operate better at different temperature levels. However, as these lubricants and coolants heat up and cool down, this constant change in temperature levels break down the chemical bonds that make them function so well. In the case of coolant, the system might not cool quickly enough and the overheated water could find a weak spot in one of the many rubber hoses the coolant travels through. Once that hose blows, there is little else to do except call for Towing in Lumberton.

Other uses for wrecking services include vehicle recovery. For example, if you lose control of your car or truck and run off the road into a ditch, you will need a wrecking service to pull the vehicle free. This type of recovery takes a delicate touch, especially when the car or truck is stuck in water. Pulling the vehicle the wrong way could actually increase the damage to the auto-mobile.

Towing in Lumberton isn’t only for emergency services. Many towing companies like Spanky’s Wrecker Service will tow your vehicle wherever you need it. For example, you may have a little project car that you have been rebuilding for a while when you find out that you need to move to another home. Spanky’s Wrecker would gladly move your pet project to its new home which would greatly reduce the risk of damage your car could incur if you tried this move on you own.


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