How You Can Use Tours With a Wedding Transportation Service in Oahu to Entertain Your Guests and Thank Your Bridal Party

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

Bridal showers. Bachelor parties. Rehearsal dinners. Dress and tux fittings. Cake tastings. Photographs. During any wedding, and especially during a destination wedding to Hawaii, the bride and groom have a lot of demands on their time. When the time comes, and you’re so busy you can’t see straight, it will seem like everyone must be as busy as you.

But you’ll probably remember, from weddings you’ve attended, that if you’re not in the bridal party, you have a lot of time on your hands while you wait for the festivities to start. And while your guests can probably keep themselves entertained, (it is Hawaii after all), it’s a nice touch to make sure your guests aren’t bored. One way to do this is to have activities available for them to take advantage of.

One option is to hire a Wedding Transportation Service in Oahu to do a sightseeing tour or tours the day before, or the morning of, your wedding. You can arrange one big tour, for anyone to join if they choose. Or, you can personalize smaller tours to give your guests some different options to choose from.

One tour, for example, could be tailored to your guests who are interested in history, with Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial being the main stop of the tour. Another tour could be tailored to your guests who are more interested in nature, and could feature a stop at Volcanoes National Park. A third could feature shopping, including a stop at the Aloha Swap Meet. How you arrange the tours can be as varied as your guests and their interests, and the tour company can help you arrange a few different options.

Along the same lines, small, expense-paid tours arranged through a Wedding Transportation Service in Oahu are a nice gift option for your bridal party, in lieu of traditional gifts. Your bridal party will be as busy as you during the wedding, and will be too busy to really enjoy the sights. Giving them the opportunity to enjoy the island following the wedding is a classy way to express your gratitude, and a nice way for them to relax after everything is over and you are off on your honeymoon.

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