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by | Apr 12, 2013 | Transportation

Los Angeles International Airport, or “LAX” as most people know it, is the most famous airport in Los Angeles area, as well as the biggest. With nine terminals and International flights arriving from around the world, LAX is a true gateway airport, welcoming tens of thousands of passengers a day, whether Los Angeles is their final destination, or they are using the airport as a connection for flights to five other continents around the world. Of course, LAX is not the only airport in the Los Angeles area. In fact, a lot of travelers who plan to come to Los Angeles look for yellow cab to one of the other major airports in the Los Angeles area, whether it be Ontario Airport, John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, or Long Beach Airport.

Long Beach Airport is a favorite of travelers to the Los Angeles area because it is compact, easy to in and out of, and has flights to major cities in the United States like New York, Miami, Seattle, and Portland. Unlike LAX where plans need to be made to get to the airport hours in advance, Long Beach can be tamed in a matter of 30-minutes or so, and because it is in a suburban area, one does not have to worry about the traffic on the 405 or 105 just to get there. If a traveler is planning to stay in either the Long Beach or Orange County area, Long Beach airport is the smart choice.

Another great thing about the Long Beach airport is the fact that it is easy to get transportation to and from the airport. There are many options for Long Beach Airport Transportation including rental car lots from all of the rental companies, shuttles to and from downtown Long Beach, a through bus system that can take passengers anywhere in the area, and, of course, plenty of taxi cabs. Unlike LAX, all one needs to do is step outside of the terminal to get a taxi cab, meaning that they don’t have to wait in a line or spend time searching for a working cab. One can find more info on Long Beach Airport Transportation options by taking a look online.

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